First 10 Speeches

When you become a Toastmaster at Big “D”, you will receive a Competent Communicators manual which outlines the first 10 speeches you will give. Each speech is designed to help you develop a specific skill, and provides a good foundation for more advanced speeches.

Each of the 10 speeches covers one fundamental skill for public speakers. This is the basic formula on which the Toastmasters program is based, and once you’ve completed these 10 speeches you will find you’ve built a good foundation for your speaking skills.

Speech 1: The Ice Breaker — Your first speech of the Toastmasters program is an opportunity to introduce yourself to your peers, provides a benchmark for your current skill level, and standing and speaking without fainting (just kidding). We proudly claim no one ever died from giving their ice breaker.

Speech 2: Organize Your Speech — This speech introduces the basic concepts of organizing a speech around a speech outline.

Speech 3: Get to the Point — The 3rd speech teaches you to clearly state your speech goal, and make sure that every element of your speech focuses on that goal.

Speech 4: How to Say It — Starting to expand your skills, How You Say It examines word choice, sentence structure, and rhetorical devices.

Speech 5: Your Body Speaks — This speech encourages us to begin to do more than just deliver a speech, but to begin to complement words with posture, stance, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact.

Speech 6: Vocal Variety — Guides you to add life to your voice with variations in pitch, pace, power, and pauses.

Speech 7: Research Your Topic — Addresses the importance of backing up your arguments with evidence, and touches on the types of evidence to use.

Speech 8: Get Comfortable With Visual Aids — Examines the use of slides, transparencies, flip charts, whiteboards, or props.

Speech 9: Persuade With Power — Discusses audience analysis and the different forms of persuasion available to a speaker.

Speech 10: Inspire Your Audience — This project challenges you to draw all their skills together to deliver a powerful inspirational message.

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