Big “D” has impacted the lives and careers of it’s members for over 50 years. These are just a few of the comments from past and present members providing insight into why they chose to attend Toastmasters in the first place, what the process of becoming a Toastmaster has done for them and, in some cases, why they decided to stay for years.

Past Members Comments

D.R.H., Attorney
Big “D” was one of the best experiences I have had in learning public speaking. Over 20 years later I still draw on what I learned.”

Big “D” was instrumental in helping me overcome my fear of speaking before groups. I wish I had joined much earlier in my career. Thank you.”

A.T., law student, SMU Dedman School of Law
Big “D” Toastmasters has been supportive, inspiring and alot of hard work, and in my case also life-changing. I’m in debt to the club and the wonderful people there. I’ll always think favorably about my time at Big “D”.

J.B., Marketing Research Analyst
“Big “D” Toastmasters made a huge difference to my career. I became so comfortable in front of people, doing presentations and moderating focus groups – it was a real boon to me at work.”

M.J.S., local civic volunteer and activist
“It was a real pleasure to meet such a diverse group of fabulous people, and at the same time improving our skills.”

J.K.M., Former CEO of large distribution corporation
“Best place in Dallas to spend a Thursday evening.”

Current Members

Keri B. (8/6/2010)
Before I found Big “D” Toastmasters, when I had to speak in front of a group of people (even if it was just to introduce myself), my heart would start pounding profusely, my hands would get clammy, my armpits would sweat (no joke!), my mouth would get so dry to the point that it was hard for me to talk and my voice would get shaky when I finally could talk.

I have been a member of Big “D” since February 2008, and I cannot even begin to tell you how much being a member of this club has helped me feel more comfortable and at ease with speaking in front of people. The people at Big “D” have been so supportive and encouraging as I have progressed with my public speaking skills. I have a long way to go yet, but it is great to know that I have a supportive family at Big “D” cheering me on every step of the way!

Angelo P. (8/5/2010)
I did not know about Toastmasters until my colleague introduced me to them. I had heard folks raise toasts at weddings in my home country but did not know what to expect at a Toastmaster meeting. After much coaxing I went to my 1st meeting at Big ‘D’ in early 2006. I came back several times over the next few months, intrigued and curious each time and finally joined in July 2006.

If someone were to ask me what Toastmasters and Big ‘D’ did for me in 4 years – It changed my career and my life. Back in 2006 I was just another engineer at a big technology company. The Big ‘D’ experience enabled me to be more confident, lead several successful projects, negotiate with customers effectively and mentor new engineers in my team. Every meeting taught me something new and I left feeling enriched and entertained. I realized that my growth took place in part simply by showing up and listening to others speak. Toastmasters is not a quick fix. It is a transformation of ones behavior and hence requires time. If one is patient and willing to change, one can make subtle and great strides over time. I have witnessed these transformations in my fellow club members and have come to believe in the power of this community.

The Big ‘D’ experience was extra special to me. I have built friendships with many club members who welcomed me and taught me what they knew about the art of speaking. The diversity of my club is not just about color and race – it is about diversity of thought.
Video of remarks at last club meeting

Shawnda C., (8/1/2010)
I chose Big- D Toastmasters for several reasons. When deciding upon which club would be best, I considered several factors such as location, group dynamics, price, and personal growth opportunites. I live and work close enough to the club’s meeting place that traffic is not a huge issue for me to deal with. This along with my expectations of the members really helped to “sell me” on joining.

After many years of hearing all about TM from friends and coming to the conclusion that I needed to “see the experience” for myself, I looked at the Toastmasters International web-site as a starting place. I then narrowed my search by location and looked at some of the pictures posted on the Big- D site. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the site itself. It looked great! I felt good about this club and its members just from the content of this site.

I went to the very next meeting which turned out to be a club planning meeting instead of a regular club meeting. I didn’t realize this until later on but decided to stay until the end. I’m so glad that did!! The meeting was great and the people were so friendly. I immediately felt connected with the members and joined that night!! I’ve been a member for just a short time, but already have more cofidence in myself than when I first joined. Also, the price seemed reasonable enough and for such a small monetary investment, I expect to reap a lifetime or benefits.

Thank you Big- D for helping me with my communication journey!

Mike W. (8/7/2010)
I came to Toastmasters, and Big “D” specifically, in 2004 with the objective of developing the ability to stand in front of a group of people and express myself comfortably, without freezing up. Once I got past that hurdle, I realized there was much more to gain from the experience. Toastmasters has been as much an emotional journey as much as a mental one for me, where I’ve had the opportunity to continue to step outside my comfort zone, work on achieving goals and continue to grow in new and different ways (leading meetings, chairing speech contests, etc).

Improving our public speaking skills brings a lot of us to join Toastmaster’s, but the big surprise for me was that I also found a great group of people who are both supportive and encouraging. The Toastmasters culture of providing a safe environment to learn how to speak in public spills over into the personal relationships, making it a great place to come every Thursday evening for a little “lift”. Big “D” Toastmasters has been a uniquely enjoyable place for me, and I plan to stay a while.

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