Big “D” Toastmasters—A “Perfect 10” Again!

by admin on July 26, 2010

Chocolate cake to celebrate the occasion of Big “D” earning its 10th DCP Point!

Congratulations, Big “D” Toastmasters upon becoming a President’s Distinguished Club for the fifth straight year and at least Distinguished for at least six consecutive years! But, especially congratulations for achieving the DCP “Perfect 10” for the third year in a row and for 4 out of the last 5 years!

Those who made this possible (besides, of course, Vice-President for Education Linda Martin and President Steve Patterson):

1) Two Competent Communicators: Derek Weinbrenner (8/6/2009) and Melody Hudson (9/17/2009)

2) Two more Competent Communicators: Jonathan Wood (1/28/2010) and Stew Carson (6/17/2010)

3) One Advanced Communicator: Angelo Pereira, Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB; 6/24/2010)

4) Another Advanced Communicator: Eric Dyson, Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG; 6/24/2010)

5) One Leadership award: Renita Boykin, Competent Leader (CL; 8/27/2009)

6) Another Leadership award: Renita Boykin, Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB; 9/1/2009)

7) Four new members: Achieved September 24, 2009

8) At least four more new members: Achieved October 15, 2009, and sixteen more through May 27, 2010, plus a dual member.

9) At least four officers trained (both terms): 100% officers trained as of August 8, 2009, and February 13, 2010.

10) Semiannual membership report and one club officer list submitted on time (either term): Achieved with both as of September 25, 2009, but also both done again as of March 17, 2010!

Way to go, Big “D”! You really Made It Happen in 2009-2010!
— David Medart, Secretary (July-December 2009, April-June 2010)

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Congratulations, Angelo and Eric!

Newly earned and awarded: Angelo Pereira, ACB, and Eric Dyson, ACG, ALB

In one big double-whammy, at the regular meeting of the Big “D” Toastmasters Club on Thursday, June 24, 2010, Angelo Pereira earned his Advanced Communicator Bronze award (ACB) and Eric Dyson earned his Advanced Communicator Gold award (ACG)!! Wow! Not only are ACGs not completed very often, but if must be quite unusual—especially among clubs that are not advanced—to have two of its members complete the requirements for advanced communication educational awards in the same evening. On top of that, these two gentlemen have now been members of Big “D” the 8th and 9th longest.

It is so very appropriate for these two particular members of Big “D” to do this: Eric was our vice-president for education for the terms of July 2007-June 2008, with the motto of Big “D” Toastmasters—“A Perfect 10”—which we achieved the week ending May 23, 2008, and with five weeks left in the year!

Meanwhile, Angelo was club secretary for January-December 2007, and was recognized as Outstanding Club Secretary in District 50 for July-Dec. 2007. He followed Eric as VPE for July 2008-July 2009. With Angelo’s astute guidance, we again earned the DCP “Perfect 10” the week ending June 12, 2009.

What a journey Angelo took us on in two speeches from The Entertaining Speaker manual, “The Long Road to Constantinople” on June 10 and its sequel “The Longer Road to Brunei”! Eric conducted an outstanding workshop with us for the Success/Leadership program “How to Conduct an Effective Meeting.” Eric went past his scheduled time but was voted Outstanding Toastmaster of the Meeting.

Congratulations to you both, and thanks again for all you have both done for Big “D” these last four years!

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