Eagle Scholars

Big “D’s” mission is to help it’s members, as well as other interested parties from time to time, in developing speaking skills as a form of personal development. Thanks to the effort and hard work of Big “D” members Brenna Smith and Linda Martin, and the talent and skills of some amazing kids we were fortunate enough to meet, we may have set a new standard.

This summer, Big “D” Toastmasters sponsored a Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program. It was included as part of the EAGLE Scholars program at SMU in partnership with the Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation. EAGLE Scholars is a tuition-free program designed to encourage, support and realize the potential of first-generation college students.

Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program is designed to help students develop leadership and speaking skills. Brenna Smith and Linda Martin of Big “D” were the teachers for 18 students who are in the 11th Grade at Conrad High School in Dallas. Other Big “D” members helped teach portions of some of the sessions.

After the eight YLP sessions, three of the students spoke at a Big “D” meeting. Our members enthusiastically welcomed them and their families. A standing ovation after they spoke showed our admiration and amazement at the talents of the student speakers.

Several Big “D” members have said that our involvement with YLP and the meeting when the students spoke at our club were some of the most meaningful things they have experienced since becoming members.