Installation Party Pictures

The turnout was great, food was good, Steve was a superb host, and yet again a good time was had by all (here’s proof)!   More pics, including the Uber-group photos, coming soon…

Thanks to the outgoing officers for a great job! click here
And welcome the new officers, July – Dec 2010 click here
Especially new Big “D’s” new Pres. Diane Kirksey (center) click here
Look what I found! click here
The gavel also cures any camera shyness! click here
The Big “D” club sign click here
Mac and Essam, chillin’ by the pool click here
See what Toastmasters can do for you! click here
Something verrry serious going on here click here
So wise, she joined on her first visit! click here
Not sure if I like this Toastmasters thing, but I’ll try it… click here
These things make me kinda sleepy… click here
Warming up for table topics click here
Friends? Sisters? Both? click here
“So I told Romo, use the 3 step drop…” click here