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While we feel like Big “D” represents the best of what Toastmaster’s can offer, we also are blessed with near capacity roster of members.     If Thursday evenings at 6:30pm don’t suit your schedule, or maybe you would like to join a smaller club where you will get more speaking opportunities, or one that meets at a different time, location, etc, we are happy to provide information about the clubs listed below which are also located in Dallas and may better suit your needs:

Toastmasters, International “Find a Club” page:  

1. Best of Dallas Toastmasters
Meets: Tuesdays at 6:30pm
8250 N. Central Expressway (map)
Dallas, Texas 75206
Club Status:     Open to all
About the club: This is the sister club to Big “D” Toastmasters. This club meets at the same location as Big “D” but on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm. It was spun off when Big “D” became too large to provide the desired speaking and leadership opportunities to its members, but the same focus on training, education and fun exists at Best of Dallas as well. By moving some of the members to Best of Dallas TM on Tuesday nights, both clubs are now flourishing.
For more information, email us at: MichaelTx.50@gmail.com

2. K&L Gates Toastmasters (law firm)
Meets: Tuesdays at 12noon
1717 Main Street, 28th floor (map)
Dallas, Texas
Club Status:     Open to all
About the club: This club was founded recently by long-time (and continuing) Big “D” veteran Cliff Hutchinson. A smaller club than Big “D”, it’s nevertheless led by an experienced Toastmaster so if you are in downtown Dallas and a 12noon Tuesday meeting fits your schedule, Cliff says they welcome “outside” members and would love to have you visit.    
For more information, email Cliff at:  Cliff.Hutchinson@klgates.com

3. Hillcrest Toastmasters
Meets: 6:45 pm, Monday
King of Glory Lutheran Church
Room LL17
6411 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX 75240
* Westbound LBJ Frontage Road between Hillcrest and Preston
Club Status: Open to all

4. Dallas Singles
Meets: Thursday evening at 6:30pm
4615 Greenville Ave (Ozona Grill and Bar)
Dallas, Tx
Club Status:     Open to all

5.  Trinity Toastmasters Club (Est: 12/1/1952)
Meets: Monday evening at 6:30 p.m.
10433 North Central Expressway (Denny’s Restaurant)
Dallas, TX    75231-4366
Club Status:     Open to all

6. Addison Singles Toastmasters (Est: 4/1/1994)
Meets: 7:00 pm, Wednesday
La Madeleine Restaurant
5290 Beltline Road (at Montfort)
Addison, TX, 75240

Club Status: Open to all

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