TLI Kick-off a Huge Success!

by admin on July 26, 2010

The Kick-off for District 50’s Summer 2010 Toastmasters Leadership Institute was an overwhelming success!

The cafeteria in the State Farm Building is a wonderful facility and had plenty of seating last February 13; but, it was standing room only by the time it started just after 9:00 AM! New Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Dodd needed a microphone just so people could hear him even begin the proceedings. I rode with Diane Kirksey and then spoke with a lot of people I had met and worked with over the past year.

Apparently, almost all areas now have governors; there are a few openings, though, and at least a couple divisions could use some assistant area governors. We were truly blessed and inspired by LaShunda Rundles, 2008 World Champion of Public Speaking (WCPS), who gave the keynote address; the standing ovation she received was well-deserved!

There were quite a few district officers present from last year who either aren’t holding a district office or are filling a new office this year.

District Governor Susan Gardner began by asking us to stand and be recognized for our just-completed service. She showed the list of all the governors and their mottos that District 50 has had since 1994; of course, she just had to recognize that no less than five past District 50 governors were in attendance—Carla Ranger (1999-2000, Select Distinguished District), Jack Balko (2003-2004, Select Distinguished District), Michael Goforth (2006-2007, Distinguished District; 2010-2011 Quality Education Chair), Helen Liu (2007-2008; DTM2), and Les Guse (2008-2009)! Now-Immediate Past District Governor Paulette Harvey couldn’t make it in from Bossier City, Louisiana, but I was glad to see her good friend Patty Kim (last year’s district secretary), did.

I was personally inspired by the ever-on-fire Pauline Shirley, Past Distict 25 Governor (1986-1987) and Past International President (1994-1995), who not only cheerfully spoke with many present but arrived early with anticipation to get a good seat in the classes! Susan introduced this year’s new governors by division—almost all of the new D50 Executive Committee was there.

Lieutenant Governor for Marketing Monnica Lamb unveiled her marketing campaign for building clubs and starting new ones; several have already started the process toward chartering. She also announced D50’s Jewels and Gems Membership Campaign through July. Lieutenant Governor for Education and Training Danni Babik announced both the goals set by World Headquarters and the higher goals that she is challenging District 50 to achieve! Susan had some additional comments before we dispersed to officers’ training and elective educational sessions.

I knew that Big “D”’s officers Diane Kirksey and Jennifer Huch were there for training; Brenna Smith was there as well, and Shawnda Corker arrived just before the general session began. So many people attended that I didn’t know until later that Frank Kozel and Mike Weibel also attended—which means Big “D” already has the minimum four officers traned! Brenna, Jennifer, and I stayed all day, as did Area 31 Governor Lee King and Speechcraft Chair Denise Cothern (last year’s Metro Division governor). Shawnda attended classes the first two hours and said she really learned a lot as a brand new Toastmaster. The entire TLI Kick-off was full almost all day and didn’t noticeably thin out until the last hour!

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