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It's that time of year. No, not when the world falls in love, but CONTEST TIME!

The 2021 Spring Contest will be the International Speech Competition and Table Topics. District 50 (D50) has a very detailed resource for how contests work in the online world. Please take a moment and at least look at the page.

Big "D" has always done a fairly formal contest procedure. This has not changed with the forced move to online contests. The Spring 2021 will be the third contest this club has held online.

Below you can select which role you wish to fill, or which contest you wish to be a part of. Please note: The contest chair and contest master role needs to be filled pretty quickly. Club members, you get two guesses who is writing this, and the first one doesn't count. I don't want to be either contest chair or contest master. I'd much rather help train you on how these roles are performed. However, if the roles are not filled Friday, February 19th, I will take on both of them.

2021 Spring Contest

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The 2021 Spring Contest season is here. This year is Table Topics and International Speech Contest. This page will allow you to sign up to fill a role, or to be a contestant.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to be a contestant you CAN NOT hold another role.