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Another week in the books! Here is your Big “D” Toastmasters meeting summary for January 17, 2019.

The weather in the Dallas area was a rather nice for a January day, though a big arctic blast of cold air was on the way for the weekend. As usual though, these Dallas Toastmasters came out in full force for a great meeting.


This weeks theme was “Random Facts.” The meeting was led by a long time member, and previous club president, Gaurav. As is usual we had a number of guests join us for our meeting this week.

The Speeches

We had 4 great speakers this week. None of them were ice breakers, but we had the full range of speakers from newer members, to our longest tenured member.

Richie gave a speech from the Dynamic Leader portion of his Pathways course. His speech was titled “The Flash” was a great speech revolving around leadership and how to be a great oen.

Bach gave his speech from the Motivational Strategies portion of his Pathways course. “How meditation can change your life” was a great speech, and many members left the evening with a new appreciation for meditation.

Elizabeth gave a speech as well, but due to a typo the author doesn’t have the exact Pathways section she was working from. We did, however, learned a great deal about Fandom, and the great lengths many people will go through when following their favorite TV show.

Mac gave a speech from the Controversial Speech Manual. We’ll just say that it was a controversial topic, but in true Mac style, it was a great speech that was sure to have people thinking about this topic for at least a few days.

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