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Another week in the books! Here is your Big "D" Toastmasters meeting summary for January 31, 2019.


Big "D" Toastmasters Meeting. Theme: Attention Span
Theme for 01/31/19: Attention Span

This weeks theme was "Attention Span." We were entertained by rather experienced Toastmaster, David, We also had quite a few guests who joined us this week, and they were treated to some amazing speeches. You should have been there!

Politically Incorrect

No, this isn't a section about politically incorrect things. Instead we were visited by the Politically Incorrect Toastmasters Club, who had come to reclaim their banner. A few weeks ago members of Big "D" went to their club and took their banner from them. As is Toastmasters tradition, 5 members of their club had to visit us to reclaim their banner. We thoroughly enjoyed having them with us this past week. Thank you for coming out!

Table Topics

Table Topics this weeks was run by John, our Treasurer. Keeping with the theme the questions were quasi based around attention span. One question was, "What just happened. Explain a time when you were blindsided by something." This was such an interesting question that a second person decided to ditch their question, and answer this one!

The Speeches

In the true spirit of the theme this week, your blog post writer had a rather short attention span, and didn't stay for the speeches. In reality real life stepped in and I had to leave. That said, I was there for one person who was practicing ahead of time, and will say that it was a great speech. If a club member wants to update this section, we'll update the text here later.

New Members

We had no new members this week. However, several of our visitors are looking to join, and could do so next week. Come join us and you could be the next new member!

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