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Another week in the books! Here is your Big "D" Toastmasters meeting summary for February 07, 2019.


This weeks theme was "Get Uncomfortable, Fight The Fear." We were entertained by first time Toastmaster, Ray. He did a great job as Toastmaster even if he did have a typo on the agenda of "Toastermasters." We also had quite a few guests who joined us this week, and they were treated to some amazing speeches. You should have been there!

Table Topics

Table Topics this weeks was run by Janice. In keeping with the theme of the evening, many questions were asked about fear, and how you overcame said fear. The questions varied quite a bit, and all questions were quite entertaining!

The Speeches

We had three speakers this week, with one of them being an Ice Breaker.

One of our new members, Spencer, gave his Ice Breaker titled, "Spanish 101" which told us his story of how he started to fear public speaking, and the many things he's done to overcome those fears.

Our second speaker was David, who talked about attire in the work place. Sometimes it's necessary to wear a suit in your job, and other times it wasn't. There was a great story in this speech about his first day at his job, and people wondered why he was wearing a suit.

The final speaker was Shawna, who gave a great speech about "What's on the Other Side." It focused some on the topic of a guest speaker she saw the previous weekend, and went on to explain to the club how we have to look to what is on the other side. A great speech to end the night on.

New Members

We had no new members this week. However, several of our visitors are looking to join, and could do so next week. Come join us and you could be the next new member!


Our ribbon winners this week were:

Table Topics: Gaurav
Best Speaker: Shawna
Best Evaluator: Don
Toastmaster of the evening: Shawna

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