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Another week in the books! Here is your Big "D" Toastmasters meeting summary for April 25, 2019.

Theme - Smile


Another week and another Toastmasters meeting. This week our Toastmaster is a returning member, Yolanda, who entertained us with the theme of "Smile." We learned many facts about smiling throughout the evening. One of them being that waiters who smile tend to earn higher tips. Also, people who smile are generally in greater health than those who do not. Of course many people smiled when hearing that comment!

There were quite a few guests who joined us this week, and they were treated to some amazing speeches. You should have been there!

Table Topics

After a very eventful business meeting, we moved on to Table Topics. Table Topics this week was run by long relative newcomer, John. With the theme of Smile, many of the questions were focused om smiling, times one smiled, and memories that made one smile.

The Speeches

We had four great speakers this evening. Of course, we have great speakers every evening, so this is not out of the ordinary. We were treated to a mix of speeches by very experienced speakers.

Our first speaker was Shawna with a speech titled, "My Little Blue." It was the story of her old Kia, one that her dog loved, too. She treated it with love and great care, and knew that it would always be there. It was more than a car, it was a friend; one there was there for her until the end.

Yes, her entire speech was in rhyme, and was very well put together!

Ray gave our second speech of the evening, which focused on the SCORE organization. He's a member of this amazing group that helps small businesses all over the country with mentoring and education. We learned a lot about how SCORE helps small businesses, their typical client, and some details of various services offered. If you are running a small business, you might want to take a look at SCORE and see how they could help you.

Up next was Michelle, who recently competed in one of the district Toastmaster contests. This speech took us to the top of the world, and the lowest depths. It was a deeply personal speech, one that we won't be going over here in the review. Needless to say it was a wonderful speech, and many in attendance learned something very valuable in the process.

Our final speaker was Aleluya, who gave a very well delivered speech about childhood marriages in his home country. This was a great example of using recent events for a speech topic. This issue was recently highlighted on social media, bringing attention to the long time practice. We learned some from someone who lived there some of the untold stories of this practice. A very well done speech, and yet more material for people to think about.

New Members

This week saw Big "D" Toastmasters induct two new members into our group. Please give a warm welcome to Travis and Dhruv! We look forward to hearing their ice breakers in the next few weeks


Yes, the awards section has been missing the past few weeks. We'll work on getting better at posting them!

This weeks winners were:

  • Best Table Topics - Dhruv
  • Best Speaker - Michelle
  • Best Evaluator - Steve
  • Toastmaster of the Evening - Michelle

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