Meeting Location

Thank you for your interest in joining us for one of our meetings. Guests are always welcome to drop by and see what a Toastmasters meeting is, and how it can help you. No RSVP Required! Just come on by.

Hampton Inn and Suites

Big "D" Toastmasters meets at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Dallas, Texas on Thursday nights from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. The address is 10370 N. Central Expressway, Dallas Texas. [FYI: This is our normal meeting location.]

Entrance and Meeting Room

The entrance to the hotel faces Central Expressway. As with most hotels there are two doors at the entry. Once you make it through the outer door, you may have to wait a moment for the front desk clerk to let you in. If they are not there, look for a button on your right and ring that. It will let them know you are awaiting entry.

Once you enter the hotel simply walk straight down the hall. You will find the meeting room about 50-75 feet down the hall on your right.


You will find surface level parking all around the hotel. There should be plenty of parking for you to choose from.

A special note about our meeting location:

We are fortunate that we have two hotels located on the same property that we have our meetings. This page is always updated with the correct location for the upcoming week. The site is automatically updated on Thursday after our meetings. This is an automatic process, and changes over at 8:30 pm Thursday evenings.

No RSVP Required!

You don’t need to register to join us in person! Just come on by and visit our meeting.

We do ask that you arrive by 6:20 so that we can introduce ourselves to you and answer any questions you may have.

We do start promptly at 6:30!

What To Expect

When you visit a Big “D” Toastmasters meeting as a guest, you might be wondering what to expect.

Good news! You can find out what to expect here!