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Another week in the books! Here is your Big “D” Toastmasters meeting summary for March 28, 2019.

Theme – Cars

A huge congratulations to our first time Toastmaster, John, who ran an excellent meeting with the theme about Cars.

We learned many things about cars, including the great story of how Ford almost bought another car company, way back in the day, but the CEO of the other company changed his mind at the last moment. This lead Ford to build a racing car that ended up beating the other companies offering.

There were quite a few guests who joined us this week, and they were treated to some amazing speeches. You should have been there!

Table Topics

After our usual business meeting, we moved on to Table Topics. Table Topics this week was run by Shawna, who stepped in the at the last minute to cover for another member who couldn’t make it. She did an amazing job in the role. Questions were all about cars, what you do in them, how you park them, what kind you want, and why people drive so slow. Okay, so one of those topics was added by your review writer. 🙂

The Speeches

We had four great speakers this evening. Of course, we have great speakers every evening, so this is not out of the ordinary. We were treated to a mix of speeches by long time members, and one who is leaving.

Our first speaker, Bach, gave a speech out Perfectionism. We learned various things about the topic, however, since your review writer lost his notes, not much can be recalled to write here. Of course, if you were there, you know how great it was.

The second speaker, Carl, gave his speech called, “Ciao.” This was Carl’s last speech with us, as he is moving on to another group.

Andy gave a speech about Learning from the Greats. Since Andy does other public speaking outside of Toastmasters, he’s had the chance to meet with some well regarded public speakers who can teach all of a thing to two about public speaking.

Our final speaker was Micky, who gave a great speech about the times she was robbed while working at a convenience store when she was younger. As with all of her speeches, it was well done, with just the right amount of sarcasm from Micky we’ve come to expect.

New Members

While we had no new members this week, we’ve had a few members join in the recent weeks. A warm welcome to those new members!

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